Just like the proverb "It takes a village to raise a child", we believe a business will thrive only if it is surrounded by people who have a sense of trust, commitment and community.


Whether you are starting a new business venture, energising an existing one or looking to brand yourself personally, you have the chance to create something extraordinary. Here at Citrus and Salt we make it our business to connect with your business. We work towards creating a bespoke brand that encapsulates the essence of your community to maximise your success and guide you toward your goals.

We are home to bespoke brand identities and styling for start-ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Our space is a place of empowerment, creativity and inspiration that focuses on authentic storytelling through brand identity, brand style and brand design.



Invigorate your brand, captivate your tribe and create a business that is authentic, cohesive and distinguished. 

Citrus & Salt is the love child of Barnacle & Lime Design Studio Australia