Brand Consultancy Session

Are you an entrepreneur, startup or current business owner that has found yourself lost when it comes to brand identity, styling and direction?

If so, you have found a safe home!For over a decade I have been in your position many times and now work with others facing the same hurdle as you are on a daily basis. As a passionate designer, small business owner and entrepreneur, I can wholeheartedly say that I know how you are feeling. Over the past decade I have used all of the above experience to craft and refine a process of building brand identities, refreshing logos, styling socials and igniting the spark of small business. So what exactly is included within a brand consultancy session?

60 minute brand discovery call (in person, phone or live) to discuss your brands needs. We will touch base on your current position and identify your strengths, weaknesses and asses your vision + goals.

To follow our call you will receive a digital document which includes summarised notes, a branding audit and suggestions to refresh, refine or launch a brand that reflects your key values, vision and goal.